Klopp admits he have to find a way to restore his team.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp admits that they are in a state of drunkenness from a long series of unsatisfactory results. We have to find a way to restore a good working atmosphere before going out to sea so far that we have no chance of winning the league championship.

The beginning of the series of results started with a draw with Manchester United 2-2, lost to Atalanta in the UFABET Europa League first match 0-3, lost to Crystal Palace 0-1, the two games at Anfield.

Even though they recently went to take back ‘La Dia’ in Bergamo 1-0, it was not enough to turn the situation around. Quick, stop the stop at the total of the two matches 1-3. 

And from now on it will still be playing three matches away from home, meeting Fulham (21 Apr.), Everton (24 Apr.) and West Ham (27 Apr.), which is considered the most challenging. Any other Therefore, motivating players is very important. 

“It hurts that we all had so many opportunities to learn about this all year. There’s never been a season that I can remember where we thought like – we deserved to win the game, we deserved to do it – as often as this season.”

“Consistency is a part of our lives. You have to find a way to deal with it. It doesn’t matter how many punches you get. It’s about how you handle it. That is the situation we need to clean up. In the past, we have always been able to do it.” 

“Now it is no longer a big problem. But the opponent we will face next is the problem.”  

“We need to show some positive results, look at the opportunities in front of us and all that.”

“It’s a bit tiring. The opponents waiting to face each have their own goals. Some may get more rest. The overall factors are different.” 

“This is a challenge in football. Because we don’t just play with ourselves. But it also has competitors. We also have to make our competitors not want to bother us.”

“Like the last three competitors, we took it easy. Therefore, it must change.”