Walker encourages City to be positive that double championships.

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Kyle Walker, defender of Manchester City, is the voice of consoling his teammates to accept the matter of defending the triple championship when the double championship in the 2023-24 season is no less proud.

City lost in a penalty shootout to Real Madrid in the quarter-finals and were unable to defend against the European champions Promotion ufabet. This makes it necessary to focus on football in the country, including the English Premier League, which is at the top at this time, 2 points ahead of their chasing rivals, and the English FA Cup semi-finals, meeting Chelsea (20 Apr.). 

As an experienced player, Walker told teammate to quickly forget their disappointment. Because there are still two trophies to compete for. 

“Even though it’s difficult to accept But now you have to hold your chin up and move on,” the Blues captain said on his official website. 

“Manchester City are united – win or lose, we hug each other.” 

“We still have another game that will be like the final against Chelsea this Saturday.” 

“It hurts. We feel such pain. Because it is considered that the performance is worse than the previous year. I hope to use it as motivation to continue. Do something special at Wembley Stadium The way I’ve done it again.” 

“It’s part of the job – we’re professionals and we have to do it. Our whole squad is indebted to the fans. You have to practice hard and find a way to give back.”

“For example, the English Premier League is working well. Changing the atmosphere to playing a cup match against an important rival, Chelsea must find a way to create motivation to do something special.” 

“The best thing about football is that the chance to make amends comes right away. And this Saturday is an important appointment. It is a wonderful opportunity to use this pain and transform it into inner strength.” 

Head coach Mauricio Pochettino Chelsea were the team City were unable to beat this season, finishing 4-4 ​​and 1-1.