ETH : “Sancho is amazing footballer. But that’s not a problem”.

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Erik Ten Hag, manager of Manchester United, still doesn’t seem to have forgiven Jadon Sancho, his mischievous subordinate, even though he let him go on loan elsewhere. Because when asked about The Dutch manager was sarcastic and hurtful.

Sancho is currently playing on loan for Borussia Dortmund of the German Bundesliga and recently helped the team reach the Champions League semi-finals after defeating Atletico Madrid 5-4 on aggregate.

Leading to temptation from the media, do you regret letting quality players go? In this event, the 53-year-old manager cut off a razor in cold blood.

“Of course I follow international football and players on loan from various clubs,” he said to UFABET.

“It was an amazing game, Dortmund – Atletico Madrid, a great performance by Borussia Dortmund.

“For Jadon it is good news because he is involved in the results for Dortmund.”

“It’s no surprise, we all know he’s an amazing footballer. But that’s not a problem.” 

Ten Hag once criticized Sancho for his poor training attitude. As for the players, Register ufabet they responded through social media that it was not true. It became a conflict that never subsided. In the end, the 23-year-old had to leave.

The loan stint in Germany has been fruitful for Sancho, but at the same time, it has further complicated Manchester United’s ambitions of securing a Champions League spot for the next season. With England, Italy, and Germany vying for an additional slot based on UEFA’s country coefficient, Dortmund’s progress has favoured Germany in their quest for a fifth Champions League spot in an expanded version of the competition from the next season. This means England will continue to have four spots, which is a major dent in United’s Champions League hopes.