Guardiola reveals Palmer has been struggling for 2 years.

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Josep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, said that his working style does not bother the players completely, so in the case of Cole Palmer, who has been struggling to leave for two years, he must be released without hesitation. Regret for continued form under the Chelsea uniform

The 21-year-old was bought from the Etihad Stadium for £42.5m last summer and has gone on to impress at the Bridge, scoring 20 goals and becoming the league’s joint top scorer. 

Destiny planned for City to meet Chelsea in the semi-finals of the FA Cup (20 April), causing Guardiola to be suggested that he regrets this player? The Spanish coach was clear in his stance. 

“He is a great player. We’ve known that since we were here.” Opening mouths with ‘ยูฟ่าเบท TV’

“But I’ve said many times that when Cole wasn’t here he didn’t get much playing time. Maybe he deserves more game time than he got at Chelsea.”

“Happy for him. He’s a sweet, shy guy with amazing potential.”

“Palmer was treated with outstanding care. until creating impressive works.” 

“He asked to leave two seasons ago. I interrupted and said to stay with us first. Until the last time, I couldn’t stand it and wanted to go – is there anything we can do?” 

“Even though he said at the beginning of the season he was staying because Riyad Mahrez had already moved, he was firm in his stance. After repeating the same story for two years So what do you want me to say?” 

“To play at that level is amazing, everyone knows that.”

Palmer played two games against Manchester City this season, drawing both matches, scoring one goal and two yellow cards.