Barcelona must lower salary cap to 204 million euros.

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Joan Laporta’s Barcelona have been left red-faced after La Liga football lowered their salary cap to just 204 million euros, more than 500 million euros less than Real Madrid.

Barcelona are facing a challenge this summer after La Liga lowered the club’s salary cap from €270 million down to just €204 million. Meaning the Azulgrana side will have to make a major sale to proceed. Under such restrictions. According to a report from ‘Diario Sport’ on Tuesday ทางเข้า UFABET

The Azulgrana team has made every effort to cut costs in line with La Liga’s strict Financial Fair Play rules. Which lowered Barcelona’s salary cap from 648 million euros. 270 million euros left last summer. Before being reduced again to just 204 million euros after the winter market closed.

Barcelona’s salary cap cut comes after the Azulgrana team moved from a revamped Camp Nou to play at the Olympique de Montjuic arena has less capacity. And the Catalan giants are also awaiting payment from the sale of Barça Studios shares.

Therefore, Barcelona’s signing of new players this summer has become more difficult. Unless they decide to sell a player in exchange for a big salary. Especially Rafinha, Frenkie de Jong or Jules Kounde, for example.

The team with the highest salary ceiling in La Liga is Real Madrid at 727 million euros. Followed by Atletico Madrid at 303 million euros. But this is more than two times less than the national team, while Barcelona. They come in third place with 204 million euros. While Sevilla and Real Sociedad are 4th and 5th with 155 million euros and 144 million euros respectively.