dissect! A jersey costs 80 pounds, who do you share it with?

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Top 10 Premier League clubs Announcement to adjust the price of new football-grade football shirts in the 2023-24 season. The average is about 9-14 percent, with Manchester United and Arsenal being the teams with the most price increase from 70 pounds (about 3,100 baht) to 80 . Pound (3,550 baht)

Both clubs raised the price to £ 80, on the same level as Tottenham Hotspur, which increased their price by £ 5 from last year. It is a club that sells expensive adult short-sleeved shirts. the most

If you want a full option There are both Premier League logos. Screen the player’s name and number. The price will increase by 100 pounds (4,400 baht) each

. The cost of producing football-grade jerseys Generally, it will fall only 8 pounds (350 baht) each.That’s 10 per cent of the shirt price

, of which £8 is for materials, labor (typically hired in Asia) and transport, and the

remaining 90 per cent of the selling price. Dr. Rohlmann Here’s how:

– Retailers (often clubs) get £26.40 (1,180 baht)

– Manufacturers get £23.47 (1,050 baht)

– VAT £13.33 (596 baht)

– Royalties must be paid Clubs (per unit) £4.80 (THB 215)

– £2.40 per unit spent on marketing (THB 107)

– and £1.60 for local distribution (THB 71).

These numbers are just general figures. The details depend on the contract entered into between the club and the manufacturer. This is typically paid in lump sum to the club each year.

While the club provides information that Kit makers adidas, Nike and Puma will set the price for the shirts for the 10 Premier League clubs that will adjust the price of

new fan-grade shirts for the 2023-24 season. – Arsenal (£80) – Manchester United (£80), price increase by 5 pounds (about 220 baht) – Tottenham (£80) – Manchester City (£75) – Liverpool (£74.95) – Aston Villa (£70) – Newcastle (£70) – Everton (£65) – Crystal Palace (£60) – Wolves (£60)