‘Carra’ shuffles ‘Liverpool’ infamous Dealavia deal

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Legendary Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher humiliated when he saw his former club Southampton’s young midfielder Romeo Lavia

has once again failed to land Lavia after the last £45million offer was rejected by Saints. Went last monday. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

In less than a week, Jurgen Klopp’s side will play their first match of the season. Facing hard battles immediately away at Chelsea, but they still haven’t got a replacement for Fabinho and Jordan Henderson

amid the situation in the transfer market, Carragher is impatient and shares the news that Liverpool’s offer was rejected and wrote a message His own App X account: “

This is a disgraceful situation,” the former England defender began.

“If you think Lavia is worth less than £50m then it should withdraw from the deal. But if he really wants him, he’ll pay for it ′′

Another thing is that I wonder why Liverpool didn’t join the deal to grab Moises Caisedo. Yes, he’s really expensive. But Liverpool made a lot of money from the sale of Henderson and Fabinho

Manchester United legend Gary Neville saw an opportunity to comment and question the opponent that Klopp was a defender. Has the team been owned for the past 5-6 years? Which further led Carragher to rant:

“Gary Neville knows nothing about the Liverpool situation,” the record holder made 737 appearances for the Merseyside giants, wrote in another post

. The owner of Liverpool uses a self-sufficient management model that Klopp agrees with and creates miracles for.

“Liverpool once had a player transfer department that used to be the envy of the whole of Europe. But now it’s not there and Klopp is doing everything himself ′′ ′′

Over the last 18 months, Liverpool has changed 3 football directors, the latest one who came in. Had to return from retirement to take on this job. And he’s someone who has a close connection with Klopp. “

Calculate it. Last season, Liverpool paid £150 million more than Arsenal’s wages.

” Gary Neville’s Milford City has Peter Lim as a partner and therefore can’t get on a plane to ask owners for money. After the season they finished like they did.