After delivering a light-hearted yet fun entertainer like 'Raja the Great' with Ravi Teja, Anil Ravipudi is back with 'F2: Fun & Frustration'.

Starring Venkatesh, Tamannaah, Varun Tej and Mehreen Pirzada in lead roles, the film was marketed as the perfect Sankranti entertainer to watch with family. However, the first half has been nothing other than one long rant about how innocent men keep falling prey to calculative nagging women, like some regressive film from the yore. Not one woman or man in the film has a different character arch than this.

Venkatesh plays the role of Venky, who works with an MLA and gets married to Harika, played by Tamannaah, via an arranged marriage. Varun Tej on the other hand plays Varun, a youngster who likes Harika's sister Honey, played by Mehreen, and gets engaged to her. However, as is wont to be, both the men realise the downside of relationships, deciding to take the flight rather than fight strategy. And why do they do that? They do it so the women realise how they can't function without the men. A progressive tale it is not!

However, it is made clear right from the start that the film isn't meant to be taken too seriously, peppered with one liners that Venkatesh delivers with such panache, it makes even the okay dialogues sound good and bring the house down. Varun Tej's put on Telangana accent is a put off, so are his flat one-liners. Tamannaah and Mehreen of course get the parts where when they're not nagging their partners, they're dancing around in revealing lingerie or sarees.

While by the end of the first half there remains hope that these women might just as well realise that maybe they are better off without these men who make them out to be screeching banshees, it remains to be how the story will fare in the second half.